County Government

County Commissioner County Council Officials County Surveyor
Dave Lane Paul Belding Chad Ebinger
Matt Sporleder Michael Kelley
Robert Willhite Jerry Lamb
Howard Malcolmb
Larry Maschino
Dave Woodall
Josh Yeager
County Attorney County Prosecuting Attorney County Coroner
Shawn Louden Alan Marshall Brian Sawyer
County Sheriff County Treasurer County Auditor
Steve Hoppock Sandra Vance Janice Ramey
County Assessor County Recorder County Clerk of the Court
Linda Kovacich Lisa Jines Mary Dorsett Kilgore

City Government

Mayor City Council Clerk-Treasurer
Harold “Soup” Campbell David Shaw (District 1) Roger Short
Matt Hurley (District 2)
Connie Rayburn (District 3)
Tony Eder (District 4)
Pat York (At Large)